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Our goal is to provide comprehensive speech and language assessments and develop individualized treatment programs for both children and adults with developmental or acquired brain injuries. We collaborate with care teams and families to provide evidenced-based treatment plans for you or your loved one. We encourage parent and caregiver participation in treatment sessions in order to improve progress and carryover between treatment sessions or following discharge from therapy services. When working with children or adults, we provide the caregiver with easy strategies they can use to reinforce what is learned during sessions. 

We provide a comprehensive range of services focusing on community integration skills critical for the transition to independent living, school, work or volunteer activities are provided. We work with children and adults in most settings, depending on goals, including your home, schools, group homes, after school care facilities, and other community settings. Services will including looking at and treating the body as a whole, meaning treating not only the speech or language deficits, but considering the body in it's entirety and how it could contribute to the disorder and the underlying causes. A combination of rehabilitation and compensatory strategies are provided to aid in skill building and functional carryover to improve memory, safety and pleasure at mealtimes, interpersonal communication, literacy needs, and problem-solving skills needed for long-term success.

Qualifications & Treatment Approaches


  • Vital Stem (NMES) certified

  • Myofacial Released Trained

  • Mary Massery Breathing Technique

  • Play-Based Therapy

  • Whole-Language Therapy
  • LSVT LOUD certified

  • Beckman Oral Motor trained

  • PROMPT-trained

  • Hanen Words for Life Certified

  • CPR Certified

  • Modified Barium Swallow Study Trained

  • Traditional Articulation Therapy

  • Modeling

  • Phoneme Awareness Therapy

  • SPEAK OUT! & LOUD Crowd

My Approach
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