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"This is long overdue. Still, I want to thank you, Leigh, for giving me back my voice. After my stroke, I was terrified by my inability to communicate, but your skill, patience, and positivity helped me fight my way back. It wasn't easy, and there were times I wanted to give up, but your unwavering belief that I COULD return to the classroom helped ME to believe. Today, my speech is clear and nuanced. I still do my exercises--maybe not every day, but often enough to make the dogs bark along. Because of your assistance, I am back to being me. Thank you isn't enough, but it is all I have.

And to think you did this all remotely! You are a marvel."

J. MyersDickinson,  Brighton, MI

"My experience with Leigh as a therapist has been most rewarding and beneficial. Her skill set is unparalleled. She made our sessions both pleasant and successful. Improvements were dramatic in my ability to speak loudly and clearly thus restoring my confidence. Her knowledge of the mechanics and of the anatomy of speech really helped me to understand what we were striving for. Her patience, kindness and humor makes her a true delight to work with. I gladly and confidently recommend Leigh. "

R. Atwood,  Brighton, MI

My Approach

"Our 4 year old daughter was having a very hard time communicating with neighbors, teachers, other kids, her grandparents and even us as her parents. We found ourselves constantly “translating” so that others could understand her. When we couldn’t understand her and asked her to repeat what she said or use other words, she would get sad and stop talking after a few tries.


Leigh was recommended to us by a neighbor. It is amazing the progress that our daughter has made! After the first month of working with Leigh, her teachers told us they could understand her much better. Our daughter used to get sad and stop talking every couple of days, now I can’t remember the last time it happened. When you point out that she didn’t pronounce a word correctly she keeps trying to say it until she gets it right. The latest example is that she says “thwink”. We repeat it back to her using “bad speech” saying it just how she said it, “thwink”. Once she hears us say it she recognizes it as “bad speech” and uses her “good speech” to say think, even if it takes her a couple of tries.


The cherry on the top of everything is that our daughter LOVES “Miss Leigh”. She gets soo excited when she knows that Leigh will be coming to work with her. Leigh keeps things fun and entertaining for our daughter and even when they are “taking a break” Leigh manages to still help our daughter improve her speech without our daughter realizing. She thinks they are just playing.


In short, we have been amazed by Leigh and highly recommend her to everyone we talk to."

A. Rowe,  Brighton, MI

"Leigh helped my son, Rowen, with his various speech impediments. With us being in Louisiana and her in Michigan, we utilized FaceTime for the visits. She was very sweet and held Rowen's attention with her positive energy and by making it fun for him. She was extremely flexible with our school and various extracurriculars, and was able to fit our visit time to our schedule. What I was most impressed with was her ability to teach my 5-year-old to catch and correct his speech mistakes on his own. I highly recommend her to anyone needing help with any aspect of speech."

L. Keough, LA

"Leigh possesses a talent that is very hard to find, the honest care of the patient, and the ability to "Be a Friend" while maintaining the patient-therapist environment. We never make quick decisions when it comes to our family health and wellness, especially when it is done at home. This is quickly proving to be the right choice and I must in all honesty give her 5 stars. You won't regret the same choice that we have made."

R. Yates,  Brighton, MI

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